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Meet Melanie Myhre, Owner: Photographer and Portrait Artist
 I have been creative from an early age, exploring every creative outlet I could find including painting, writing, singing, and crafting. In 9th grade my discovery of film photography changed my life. I found the thing that made me feel the most ALIVE. The turning point was there, but I resisted, afraid to pursue a career in the arts. Instead, I earned a bachelors degree in Ecology and Environmental Science because I thought that was the sensible thing to do. In the end, passion won and I started my portrait studio and never looked back.

   Photography is my passion, my obsession, and my continuing dream. I love anything ethereal, fairytale, and emotionally evocative. I am inspired by humanity, mysterious beauty, fashion, classical painters and a deep connection to nature. I am a modern Romanticist.

   My specialty is artistic cinematic portraiture including teens and high school seniors, weddings, glamour, headshots and my trademark fairytale fashion. Everything is infused with a unique vision and a romantic sensibility, resulting in portraits that are award winning, timeless and far from ordinary.

I believe strongly in community and youth empowerment. I enjoy working with teens using my photography skills and MUSEnation to provide confidence building and empowerment opportunities both locally and nationwide. Past MUSEnation models have appeared in many national publications, worked with the State of Arkansas Tourism Board, PBS Television, WPPI, Shutterfest, MAPsym and more.

  I also offer photography workshops and I am available for teaching seminars and private clients. 


Meet David Rush, Co-Owner: Our Marketing Manager, Commercial Photographer and Set Designer

 David is an incredible artist in his own right. His creative talents are diverse; from painting on copper with a blowtorch, to soutache jewelry design, to dot work painting and more. David is constantly creating something new and exciting, which is why we are blessed to have him in our studio. 

 David loves long hikes in nature, our 5 studio cats, cooking (he's actually a trained escoffier chef) and cars. (Cars are actually an obsession.) On sunny days he can sometimes be found cruising our winding mountain roads in his purple special edition Miata.

Meet Savannah Haney: MUSEnation Coordinator and Graphic Designer

 Savannah is a high school senior that will be graduating in May 2017. She plans to attend college to become a teacher and travel internationally. She is artistic with a great eye for design and loves to create arts and crafts. She is also a theater buff who enjoys the stage from time to time.

  Savannah is a bundle of energy with a sharp wit and we adore having her around the studio. She loves her wolf hybrid puppy and her cat, spending time in nature, and all things Korean. 



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