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I am honored to be a contributor in this book and many of you have asked me where you can get a signed copy, so I have listed it here. When you order here, you will receive a copy signed by me and sent right to your door. Just click the buy button above and it will take you to the page where you can purchase. 10% of profits go to help fund the art department at the Eureka Springs High School.
About the book:
We are fortunate to live in a magical time in the constantly evolving field of photography. Absolutely anything is possible with a quality camera and photo-editing software. While new digital technologies make the creative process unlimited, it also means that we as photographers must continually push to be the very best at what we do. Cameras are affordable to the masses, and our key to real success in the portrait photography industry lies in our creativity and style rather than our equipment and gear. In this book, author Travis Gadsby presents a sublime collection of 60 creativity-inspiring images from a range of talented photographers whose styles and photographic techniques vary markedly. The book is divided into five sections, each of which is centered around a particular creativity-enhancing topic: (1) Quick and Easy: Ideas That Can Be Added on the Fly, (2) Location-Inspired Ideas, (3) Wardrobe-Inspired Ideas, (4) Prop-Inspired Ideas, and (5) Creative Lighting Treatments. Within each section, you’ll find a sumptuous variety of looks (ever considered photographing your subjects underwater, creating sparks with steel wool, recording the movement of a dancer whose body is dusted with flour, or creating steampunk portraits?). You’ll also discover how the portrait concept came to light and will get insight into the strategies the photographer used to pose, light, and style the portrait to perfection. In modern portraiture, it’s sometimes creative post production work that makes the image sing. Gadsby shines a light on some terrific image-editing work discussing the tools and techniques used to create the final portrait. With the wide range of creative portraits and specialized applications depicted in this book, you’ll find lots of great ideas to expand your photographic repertoire, reinvent your style, and stay at the top of your game.

By Travis Gadsby ( Paperback, 128 pages, published by Amherst Media
Portraiture Unleashed: 60 Powerful Design Ideas For Knockout Images